Buy SHANTA G (SURAT) Products Online

Buy SHANTA G (SURAT) Products Online

We sell delicious Gujrati wheat khakhras which we make from...

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We sell delicious Gujrati wheat khakhras which we make from the recipe that was originally innovated by our grandmother, Shantaben Gordhanbhai Thumar. It was in her loving memory that we decided that the world should enjoy all the scrumptious Gujrati recipes that she came up with. We believe that the world should not be left out and miss the magic that enwrapped her dishes.

Our baked khakhras are made of whole wheat and gives you aromatic the taste of freshness that every person in love with khakhra deserves. In case the portability of our khakhra worries you, we have khakhras in three different shapes and sizes- the original round shaped khakhra, mobile khakhra having a rectangular shape and pocket size khakhra which are both heavenly in taste and easy to carry wherever you go. All our khakhras are air tight sealed to keep that freshness inside for longer a time.

You can take it with you anywhere you go as a constant companion to make your hunger go away.

Some flavours of khakhras were specially made by our grandmother to leave every person with every taste with a smile on their face. We have methi, moong, jeera, diet, masala, Punjabi, plain, Gol Gappa, sandwich, chatpata, manchurian, cheese and lehsun khakhras.

You can shop for our special khakhras and order the flavours that water your mouth. We recommend that you try all our flavours and say good bye to your hunger pangs. We can assure you that once a customer always a happy customer.

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